Skimming Stones

A brooding shadow picks its way towards a taunting shore Probing, shuffling amongst foreign travellers Pale-faced and weary Abandoned by the receding light Unsteady footsteps upset sleeping waters Tendrils of sea-green snare bare ankles Arriving in sandalled feet to a chorus of rumbling laughter Sunken eyes gleam in the moonlight, observing, appreciating A face, smooth … Continue reading Skimming Stones


The brief: write a sonnet (14 lines) using your own words and lines from other texts. It doesn't have to rhyme or use iambic pentameter. (The following is in Shakespearian style - abab cdcd efef gg - but without iambic pentameter) John 'Mince and tatties' and mushy peas Crossed words by the green baize Old … Continue reading Sonnet