Some of my favourite links from around the web

Inspirational Bloggers

Comic Artists

    • Faith Erin Hicks – Author of Demonoloy 101 and The Adventures of Superhero Girl
    • Kate Beaton – Author of Hark! A Vagrant, Step Aside Pops and The Princess and The Pony

Games Writing & Critique

Indie Game Developers

Game/Application Development Software & Frameworks

    • Adventure Game Studio – User-friendly point and click adventure game creator (Windows)
    • DarkBASIC – 3D game creation using the BASIC programming language (Windows)
    • Unity – 2D/3D Game Development Engine (Cross Platform)
    • Xojo – Desktop/Mobile/Web App creation software (Cross Platform)
    • Sparrow Framework – – An open-source game engine for iOS development (Mac)
    • MelonJS – A HTML5 javascript framework for 2D games (Web)

Game Development Resources


Recommended Mac Software

    • Wunderlist
    • TextWrangler
    • 1Password
    • PixelMator
    • Transmit
    • Handbrake
    • Jubler – A free Java-based subtitle editor
    • Kolibri
    • Anim8or – User friendly and free 3D animation software
    • Cheetah3D

Web Design and Development

  • Headway – – A drag and drop theme development tool for WordPress

Cowboy Bebop Fansites

Art and Animation


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