Environment – Engine Room

3D Engine room created using 3D Studio Max and Unity for MS3302 Computer Games Graphics module. The final level included basic character animation, way finding and particle systems.

2D Action Game: Red Dawn

I finally finished my coursework resit last week: the Director game i’ve been working on (on and off) for the past four months. Red Dawn is a little 2d action game from a 3/4 perspective set during the Cold War (oh how original..!). The game sees you investigating the shooting down of a US spy […]


The brief: write a sonnet (14 lines) using your own words and lines from other texts. It doesn’t have to rhyme or use iambic pentameter. (The following is in Shakespearian style – abab cdcd efef gg – but without iambic pentameter) John ‘Mince and tatties’ and mushy peas Crossed words by the green baize Old […]

Sci-Fi MMORPG Interface

    MS301 Introduction to Computer Graphics – Coursework 1 Interface design for a massively-multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG) entitled “PlanetShade” involving a group of colonists stranded on a strange new planet.

3D Model of a webcam

3D Webcam Model

  Niggles: 1) The sharp ‘edges’ – possibly caused by the way I hacked up the sphere? 2) The aforementioned odd cuts mean it doesn’t subpatch well 3) Outer lens not entirely accurate – too smooth

Blade Runner like street scene

Bladerunner Building Scene

Been working at another Lightwave tutorial today, this time the “Blade Runner Building” tut by Treybor that I found at Lw3d [2009 – Link broken]. All textures and images supplied with the tutorial.

3D Model of a earth

Lightwaves don’t get seasick

Just messin’ around with textures – bumps and alphas – following a tutorial from my Lightwave Applied book. You can’t tell from a static image, but the texture on the sea is actually dynamic – it’s the Ripple effect – so when rendered as a video the ripples actually move. I know the waves don’t […]

Street Scene in Bryce 3D

I’ve started work on a project in Bryce. I’ve made various things with the program before but nothing that I would call a finished piece. Alot of the time I think I show things off before they’re finished and then don’t finish them, but this time I’m going to keep a journal of my progress […]

3D Modelling Efforts

Exhibit A. above. What’s wrong with it? Well, you can’t see it in this pic but the nice border round the top isn’t nice at all. It’s stretched and at the time I didn’t figure out why so i’ve left it as is. Exhibit B. Okay this one isn’t actually too bad. It’s unfinished obviously and […]