Guest Post: Escaping Evil by Revis Edgewater

Talented writer Revis Edgewater from 33 Grams of Blog leaves us spellbound this week with an original story based on a quote from my all time favourite book. This is his second part of our Cheer Pepper collaboration – the first can be found on his blog here. “On the sea he wished to meet it, […]

#SaturdayScribblers: Madagascar

This is the second week of the ‘coffee stain’ prompts of Dean Kealy’s of #SaturdayScribblers. I’m enjoying this mixed-media approach and looking forward to what comes next 🙂 This time we were presented with this coffee stain: I flipped the prompt upside down – hopefully that’s allowed – and tried to include as much of the stain as […]

#SaturdayScribblers – Demise of Space Station V

Dean Kealy has upped the challenge this week with a coffee stain rather than a scribble! Here’s my interpretation: Space Station V from 2001: A Space Odyssey suffering a critical explosion! Original coffee stain:   My sketch/line art:

#SaturdayScribblers: Take A Bow

Something a little different today: I decided to finally have a go at Dean Kealy‘s weekly #SaturdayScribblers challenge to turn a scribble into a drawing. Here is my interpretation of this week’s prompt. I went for a deliberately rough style to hide the fact that my tablet and I don’t get on. Please give a […]

Sassy Weather

Create a short story with dialogue based on exchanges you overhear between two people. – Writing 101 Prompt Goodbye Taunton. Thank you for your hospitality. Away from the station, as the train picks up speed, I’m treated to a glorious view: Somerset’s fertile landscape stretches away on either side to the horizon.  I’m looking back […]

3D Wolf Model walking

Wolf Walkcycle

Test walkcycle of a wolf for our group game animated in 3D Studio Max and running in-game in Unity. Wolf model, HUD and other textures by Habboi. Terrain by CrowBarSka using the terrain tools in Unity.

The Rix Centre Website Redesign

In Aug-October 2010 I helped redesign The Rix Centre website by creating a WordPress Child Theme of the existing WordPress theme, Primepress. I coded in HTML and CSS script to style the website, and edited images for the site using Photoshop. I also implemented a Google Map widget.

ClickStart Wikis

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been slaving away day and night to try and finish my dissertation prototype for Uni. I’m seriously running out of time now. I also have to do some work for our Wolf project that i’d promised by tomorrow. I’m really feeling burn’t out at the moment, i’ve […]