#WeekendCoffeeShare: Liebster Edition

If we were having coffee, i'd tell you i've been nominated for my first Liebster Award! Hooray! "What's a Liebster Award?" you say? It's an award given out by fellow bloggers to recognise and promote new or up and coming blogs. It's been around since 2011 and essentially acts like a chain letter, paying the … Continue reading #WeekendCoffeeShare: Liebster Edition

A Safety Net

I don't often talk politics online. If you know me well enough, you will know where I stand. When the EU Referendum result was announced I instead posted the following simple message calling for civility and compassion whatever your point of view. I could already see that there was a lot of anger and anxiety … Continue reading A Safety Net

Diabetic-Friendly Apple and Cinnamon Cake

My dad is Type II Diabetic so for this Father's Day I attempted to make a diabetic-friendly apple and cinnamon cake using an existing recipe with some alterations. It was a partial success but as a first attempt i'll record it here for posterity. What do you think? Any suggestions for how this recipe could be improved? … Continue reading Diabetic-Friendly Apple and Cinnamon Cake

Art For Advent – Day 3: “Listener”

For the period leading up to Christmas i’m challenging myself to do a portrait a day* as a little early Christmas present to my friends. For lack of a better name, i’m calling it #ArtForAdvent. No names because that would just be embarrassing! Portraits will be removed on request, no questions asked except where I can find the … Continue reading Art For Advent – Day 3: “Listener”