#WeekendCoffeeShare: The Kindness of Strangers

If we were having coffee I’d apologise for my sudden absence this past week. You might not have noticed, but I sure did. I haven’t been in the best place mentally for awhile but things came to a head recently. I’m not one to say anything publicly so I just shut down. I didn’t blog […]

Choosing Friends

My friend Ra is the reason I started blogging again. When I started blogging back in 2005, my posts were sporadic, amateur and without purpose. I was never part of the blogosphere – if such a thing existed back then – and as my first attempt at blogging, ultimately it fizzled out. Literally years went […]

#ThrowbackThursday: An unexpected reunion

After many years of working, I returned to University in 2007 and moved to London. In my first year I stayed in student accommodation on campus where I enjoyed all the new found freedoms of living away from home. Cooking wasn’t my strong point but I was lucky to be living with a generous group of […]

Safety Pin

A Safety Net

I don’t often talk politics online. If you know me well enough, you will know where I stand. When the EU Referendum result was announced I instead posted the following simple message calling for civility and compassion whatever your point of view. I could already see that there was a lot of anger and anxiety […]

#WeekendCoffeeShare: A Misadventure

If we were having coffee i’d confess I didn’t expect to see you again so soon. Today’s post was going to be all about a country walk i’d taken today, prompted by some books my sister-in-law got me for my birthday. Unfortunately I got lost. I’d tell you the day started well with glorious sunshine, […]

#WeekendCoffeeShare: Good food and Great company

If we were having coffee you’d ask me how my training is going and i’d glance at my FitBit-less wrist with guilt written across my face. I’d confess to being a bit complacent at the start of the year and now feeling the creeping panic settling in. In just five weeks i’ll be walking the […]

Imge of a misty Irish landscape

Happy St Patrick’s Day – Irish Ties

I’ve been dabbling with my family tree on and off for years, but this year I want to start having a proper go at it. I’m Scottish, now living in England, however my ancestors on both sides are originally from Ireland. Growing up, my holidays were always spent in Donegal, southern Ireland. We also have […]

Recommended Read: The Age of Distraction

It occurred to me that the generation born today will never experience a world without the internet or instant access to the internet. It isn’t that this horrifies me […] But it has made me think about the ways we interact now, and how we use the tools we have for communication and interaction… Source: […]

In my backyard

I came across this beautiful landscape photography blog while browsing the entries for this week’s Daily Post photo prompt: Weight(less). I’ve only made time to browse a few of the entries so far but the images of the Scottish countryside are simply stunning. Go take a look. I’ll still be here when you come back. […]

Looking back and moving forward

The end of 2015 has come and gone with more of a whimper than a bang. I actually missed it entirely through my own stupidity, being sat in an empty train carriage at the stroke of midnight. I had done a good turn but I still felt miserable. It’s not been a very good year overall: We […]

Salt N’ Pepper

Yes, I don’t know what that post title is getting at either.. So #NaBloPoMo is over and – a bit like waking up to a house full of discarded wrapping paper and half eaten leftovers on Boxing Day – it’s come and gone quicker than expected leaving me a bit dazed. I wrote 19 out of 30 […]

Hobbies Unplugged

My wife sent me this link on Pinterest and it couldn’t be more true of where i’m at right now. As I write this, we’ve just finished watching three episodes of Jessica Jones on Netflix – Lizzie has caught up, whoop! – and i’ve set Spotify going with Michael Jackson’s Thriller album while I ‘work’ on […]