(Content Warning) I said to my therapist last week that I wanted capture the ‘lightning in a bottle’ after feeling proud of myself for doing something outside my comfort zone on Wednesday. I think I naively thought that I could hold on to that feeling. I’ve said more than a few times over the last … Continue reading Limbo

The Language of Healing

This post originally appeared on Medium. I'm cross-posting here in the interests of updating this, my personal blog, to where I am in my life now. Tuesday of this week was my one year anniversary in my role as an Accessibility and Usability Consultant which should have been cause for celebration — I had plans … Continue reading The Language of Healing

The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car (2016)

The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car is a short but powerful little visual novel about two strangers running from the the zombie apocalypse. Created over the course of four days by indie trio Lox Rain, the game never leaves the confines of the used car speeding down the highway but manages to cleverly weave … Continue reading The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car (2016)