Nine plant pots of little green seedlings as seen from above.

New Growth

I’ve been fostering a secret for this last couple of weeks. Nurturing it to fruition. It’s not quite fully there yet but today I was able to share the work I’ve done so far.

I’m usually very good at keeping secrets, not that I have many to hold. But this time I was so full of this juicy news that I could hardly contain my excitment.

I’ve applied for an allotment for my wife and I and her sister and fiancé. A space all of our own where we can grow veggies and fruits to our hearts content.. or at least pretend like we can grow veggies and fruits since we’ve never done it before!

I was able to go for a visit to the site this weekend (it’s a ten minute walk away) and the space is beautiful. There are 166 plots in total surrounded by trees. It’s so peaceful and a world away from the roads beyond. I met a few of the plotholders and everyone was extremely friendly.

I am currently #7 on a list of 40 waiting for a plot and they think I should hear within the next month or so. This evening I was finally able to tell my sister-in-law and fiancé all about it and they are very excited. I was feeling a little choked up thinking about it before they arrived so I am pleased that they’re pleased.

I know that it will be good for all of us and I for one am really looking forward to it.

In response to “secrets” from Ra Avis’ (Rarasaur’sblog bingo this month. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

Bingo card of prompts with 'secrets' ticked off.

Are you green-fingered? Do you have any growing hints, tips, success stories or spectacular failures?

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