My Top Ten Impulse Buys of 2016

Oh dear, it’s a list post, I must be failing at NanoPoblano early..

I’m a sucker for impulse buys. I see things that I think I need to have in my life and I buy them. I like them, I try them, I think they’re wonderful.. but then they get forgotten about and just don’t seem that important anymore. Here are some of those from this year so far.


Hexels 2 – A grid-based painting tool that you can use to create really cool stuff. I wanted to make all the pretty.. but I’ve opened it once and never looked at it again.

Toshl Finance – One of many finance apps I tried when I looking to get my budgeting under control (note to self: stop impulse buying!). I’m since using a different tool – I actually have a post written about that waiting to be tweaked – but I bought Toshl Finance too. I don’t remember anything else about it. It just looks pretty.

Windward is a cute little sailing game I bought on Steam. It’s lovely and i’ve played it once for half an hour.


American Originals Popcorn Maker – This was definitely an impulse buy. As soon as there was mention of a movie night at Kith & Kids I bought this. I’ve used it a few times and it’s great, but it’s sat on the shelf for more than a few months now.


Xbox One – I was humbled to be nominated for a charity award at work which saw me receive shopping vouchers. I spent them in less than a week on this. I’ve always steered clear of Xbox because the games don’t really appeal to me but common sense went out the window this time. Despite playing a handful of games on it I very quickly found there wasn’t much else I liked the look of.


Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet – A game I backed on Kickstarter, knowing of the creator Alasdair Beckett-King, from the Adventure Game Studio Forums. I have the DVD boxset on my shelf as yet unplayed. For shame.


Pro Fitness Space Saver Exercise Bike – I’ve used this for a grand total of 20 minutes. Enough said.


Playstation 4 – I picked one up on Ebay in a definite impulse buy. Just couldn’t resist. I’m much happier with the choice of games though, even if i’ve yet to pick up No Man’s Sky again..


XCOM: Enemy Unknown – I’ve started watching the Late To The Party Eurogamer YouTube videos with Aoife, Johnny and Chris which are hilarious. This was an impulse buy after watching the XCOM episode. It’s good but i’ve played it for just two hours.


Soft Wookie Tee– My latest impulse buy and I’m not sorry. I blame Bradley for sending me on a t-shirt hunt.

I don’t actually *need* any of this stuff which is terrible.

I’m currently tempted to buy an Amazon Echo, the voice-enabled speaker / virtual assistant that has now reached our shores. I know, I know, it’s a gimmick i’ll probably spend five minutes with and never use again. Plus there are more grown up things to spend my money on like savings and ugh debt payments. Must resist.

Do you frequently impulse buy? What was the last thing you bought?

10 thoughts on “My Top Ten Impulse Buys of 2016

  1. Liz Ward says:

    My impulse buys tend to be books as you well know! At least they get read eventually 🙂 The last thing I bought on impulse was a book on the Kindle, sort of a random purchase but I knew I liked the author so…(and I’m reading it now).

    I occasionally impulse buy nice cosmetics to treat myself – from Lush usually. But you know that too! The Soft Wookiee tee is really cute 💜 I do feel like the exercise bike was a wee bit of a misstep though at least it helped a bit in the lead up to the walk. Also, the Xbox was useful recently when the PS didn’t want to do Netflix.

    I guess my solution for myself is to make an effort to use the library. Would save on space too 😉 xxx

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  2. A. Mouse says:

    My impulse buys are infrequent, but costly. Lately it’s been clothes, but I once spent $10 on various stickers from Redbubble. I don’t even have a use for stickers, but they were so pretty! And now they adorn my laptop.

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  3. Sarah says:

    Hmm…I think my impulse buys are magazines…which is bad because some I forget I bought, and I had a bad habit of letting them build up over years and then had to sit myself down to sort through them. For a while I was convinced I was collecting some of them, such as Vogue, but now I’ve cut it down and mostly collect The Simple Things, and a few random others still build up a bit but nowhere near as bad as I once was!

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