#WeekendCoffeeShare: A Misadventure

If we were having coffee i’d confess I didn’t expect to see you again so soon. Today’s post was going to be all about a country walk i’d taken today, prompted by some books my sister-in-law got me for my birthday. Unfortunately I got lost.

I’d tell you the day started well with glorious sunshine, a clear blue sky, and the local blossom trees all in bloom. I set out to walk to the start of the walk mentioned in the guide, some 5 miles from our house, heading up the hill to Whetstone where I got some water and a pepper and haloumi ciabatta for breakfast. Turning away from the station and following the train tracks it wasn’t long before I was flanked on either side of the road by open fields. I saw some horses and arrived at Mill Hill East feeling good.


The guide didn’t mention there would be a bit of a muddy start as I stepped over the first style but this didn’t dampen my spirits any. I’d demonstrate to you how I hung off the edge of a wooden fence, fearing at any moment that it would snap and i’d land on my backside in the mud though.

I’d recount how I crossed some fields and saw a happy group playing cricket before reaching the first waypoint, Folly Farm, and it was after this that things somehow went wrong.


This tree made an amazing WHOOSHING sound in the wind


The Cricket was very exciting apparently

I’d show you the page in the guide where it said to look for a public sign to Long Ponds but this was nowhere to be seen. I followed the trail up past a plant nursery, opting to stay the course of the road bearing left when I reached a junction,  since heading right would’ve taken me back towards the main road.

Soon it was off road again and – expecting to see the kissing gate mentioned – I strolled on contentedly. I’d tell you this off road terrain is exactly what to expect on my walk to Brighton so it was good practice. I’d say I saw a few families out for the day and met a lovely little dog that licked my hand ‘hello’ before passing more sports grounds and cricketers. I passed through another muddy metal gate and listened to birdsong as I continued for another couple of miles. I’d show you the video I took of the trail ahead.


Yep, I thought the Nazgûl would come thundering down this path any moment too




Then i’d say how I came across a style to my left and found a pond, albeit neither of which were mentioned in the guide. At this point I had an inkling i’d veered off course and i’d show you by just how much on my map. Rather than course-correct, I figured out how to head in a new direction back towards home, all in all completing a walk just shy of 10 miles.

We’d have a good old chuckle at my woeful sense of direction but i’d maintain that the day wasn’t completely wasted: I saw some beautiful countryside. I’d promise to let you know when I do manage to complete the walk in the guide though.

Do you enjoy walking? Where’s your favourite place to go for a ramble? Have you ever gotten stupidly lost like me?

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