You Got This

Inspired by Ra of, who was in turn inspired by Mer of Knocked Over By A Feather, and accomplice to the stealing of the idea by Jackie of To Breathe is to Write, here is my 50 Little Things list you may not already know about me.

The title of the post is from my workout Spotify playlist.

  1. My favourite song at the minute is ‘Who’s got a match?’ by Scottish band Biffy Clyro. I’m not too keen on anything else on that album yet.
  2. Another favourite at the moment is ‘Sabotage’ by The Beastie Boys. You know this one: it was the track that was playing when a young Jim Kirk stole his stepfather’s car at the start of the Star Trek reboot.
  3. Yes, i’m a geek. I just haven’t worked out how to tell you yet.
  4. My favourite music artists growing up were Neil Diamond, Elton John and Ocean Colour Scene – I was obviously one of the cool kids. I’ve never invested much time in discovering new music so thankfully Spotify has brought me up to date.
  5. My favourite colour is red but my favourite colour to wear is blue.
  6. I am short sighted and as a result have what I would describe as a blind spot in my left eye. My best friend’s kung fu kicking foot can attest to this.
  7. My left eye was squint when I was born and I had to wear an eye patch. Like a drunk pirate I bumped into things until I had an operation to correct it.
  8. I have a sticky outie belly button. Yup, i’m an alien.
  9. I’m the middle child of an older brother and younger sister, and proud Uncle to five nephews. I rarely see any of them.
  10. My favourite teddy as a child was a pink and orange bear with green and blue ears called ‘Coochie’ that I still have. My mum made a shirt and trousers for him from my dad’s clothes.
  11. I met my first-and-only-girlfriend-now-wife fifteen years ago online in a #movies chatroom on pre-Facebook My handle was rockyrobin1983 while she was fallingstar1284. We both love Star Wars.
  12. We met in person for the first time on the platform at King’s Cross train station, London. I wrote a poem about it.
  13. My favourite romance film is You’ve Got Mail. I will never apologise for this.
  14. I have kept all the handwritten letters my partner wrote me during our six year long-distance relationship. I’m sentimental like that.
  15. I proposed in New York by way of a treasure hunt of letters in places like Central Park, New York Public Library and Grand Central Station. Thank you, New Yorkers.
  16. The ring didn’t fit. I based it off a ring on her opposite hand (idiot).
  17. I very rarely send Facebook friend requests. It’s not because I don’t want to connect with you, it’s because I don’t want to be an interruption into your busy life. Dumb, I know.
  18. I care about my friends deeply. I often have conversations in my head where I try to tell them how awesomesauce I think they are without sounding like a complete stalker. Really, they’re pretty wonderful people – and, yes, that means you.
  19. I think it’s okay to say ‘I love you’ without it having to aways have a romantic connotation. We don’t say it enough to each other. I love you.
  20. I spent summers at university working for my dad’s gardening business. It’s good honest hard work.
  21. I once buried a time capsule – read: coffee jar – in my parents’ back garden. I have no idea if it’s still there or what was in it.
  22. I buried my goldfish the same way: Entombed in a jar of Nescafe forevermore.
  23. I don’t have a religion or a faith and I don’t need one, but I will never presume to tell you what to believe in. If it brings you peace then i’m happy for you. Either way, I don’t have the answers.
  24. I don’t believe in an afterlife. I think we just stop and, for me, that’s comforting. I believe in ghosts on account of some trustworthy second-hand accounts. I still haven’t resolved the two views.
  25. I carry a picture of my uncle who died of cancer in my wallet next to the first picture I ever saw of my wife, then 16 years old.
  26. I have a thing – not quite a phobia – about swimming and drowning in the sea. I was probably close to being swept away once and I wrote a poem about that too.
  27. I talk to animals, including my cat, but also the foxes in the road and the squirrel up a tree. Dr Doolittle has nothing on me.
  28. I am spectacularly crap with money. I wouldn’t have it any other way but I am stupidly willing to pay for everything.
  29. I like to solve people’s problems. If you tell me you’ve lost something/need something/happen to be caught in a snowstorm.. i’m already trying to figure out how I can help.
  30. I have a First Class degree in Computer Games Design. You can’t really call yourself a failed Games Designer if you never tried so i’m a maybe-someday-never Games Designer.
  31. I worked on an iPhone game with my friend when we graduated and self-taught myself Apple’s Objective-C. I ran out of steam and the project fizzled out. I still feel guilty about this.
  32. I’m currently doing a free online course on genealogy which is fascinating. I’m hoping to finally have a proper go at our family tree.
  33. The last programming language I dabbled with was Love2D. I haven’t mentioned it on the blog under my new rule of only posting things i’ve attempted. I’m a chronic dabbler.
  34. I have absolutely no intention of learning to drive, ever. I concede that life has other ideas though and I will probably learn at some point.
  35. I’m not very widely travelled, having spent my childhood holidays mostly in Ireland. I’ve also been to France and Spain, and once to the U.S. as already mentioned. That’s it.
  36. My bucket list destination is Japan, particularly Kyoto for its traditional Machiya townhouses and shrines.
  37. I’m never nearly as confident as I seem, but my cure for that is to just throw myself at things. I’ve given presentations, managed staff, and run training sessions under this approach.
  38. I used to do indoor rock climbing when I still lived in Scotland. I quit because I didn’t like the idea of being belayed/relied on to belay someone else. I would like to get into bouldering again.
  39. My favourite pizza is pepperoni or fiorentina (the one with an egg on top) depending on my mood.
  40. I love egg fried rice mixed with crispy seaweed. Apparently though, this isn’t the done thing in China.
  41. I shared a flat at Uni with three Chinese students. They basically took one look at my stash of Pot Noodles and kept me fed on tasty dumplings and rice for the rest of the year.
  42. I’ve lost touch with the one I grew close to now that he’s returned to China. I haven’t yet worked out how to reach him thanks to the Chinese Firewall.
  43. I had a French penpal called Naomie growing up thanks to my parents’ keen interest in other cultures and boarding international students. Like most children, I stopped writing back but I still have her letters.
  44. I ate escargot with the complicated tools when we went to Nice. They basically taste rubbery and I wouldn’t have them again.
  45. I’ve eaten liver twice in my life – once as a child; once as an adult. The first time I threw it up immediately after. The second time I held it down. #thisishowIadult
  46. My favourite sweets are midget gems. The black ones.
  47. I regularly sing in an amateur choir with my charity. I like having a sing song, particularly after an alcoholic beverage, however these are in short supply at our sessions.
  48. My favourite quote is “I’m not going there to die. I’m going to find out if I really am alive” from my favourite anime series, Cowboy Bebop. It’s the only anime I like to watch in English, normally preferring the original Japanese dialogue.
  49. The only anime i’ve ever cried at was Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
  50. My favourite book ever is A Wizard of Earthsea. I thought the Tales from Earthsea Studio Ghibli anime version was just OK.

Your turn..

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