#WeekendCoffeeShare: Good food and Great company

If we were having coffee you’d ask me how my training is going and i’d glance at my FitBit-less wrist with guilt written across my face. I’d confess to being a bit complacent at the start of the year and now feeling the creeping panic settling in. In just five weeks i’ll be walking the 100km to Brighton and i’m feeling nowhere as fit as I did when I walked the same distance to Cambridge last year. Still, i’d affirm that it’s also a mental challenge and I think i’m up to it.

I’d talk about my charity then, Kith & Kids, and how I held a bake sale at work on my birthday last week raising an amazing £198.85 thanks to the help of my wife and my colleagues. Still a long way to go but funds raised are creeping up. I’ve rediscovered a love of baking that I developed as a child helping my mum bake cakes and caramel shortcake for her catering business. My wife and I baked 72 cupcakes – half of them plain vanilla and half peanut butter – plus chocolate brownies, chocolate Corn Flakes and vegan peanut butter cookies.

I’d tell you the vegan recipe was an experiment as I knew we’d be going to a BBQ at my friend’s house this weekend. I’d show you the copy of Vegan with a Vengeance by T.V. host of the ‘Post Punk Kitchen’ Isa Chandra Muskowitz that I picked up in Waterstones. You’d agree with me that it’s an easy and entertaining read, and we’d exchange puzzled looks as to why there are no pictures to speak of in my version (UK, the U.S. version may be different given there are pictures on the cover).

I’d tell you i’ve only tried the cookie recipe but there are delicious sounding soups in there too, and that the cookies were super simple to make and turned out HUGE albeit a bit sweet for my taste. I made another batch on the morning of the barbecue using less spoonfuls of mixture that still turned out chunky.

Ah the barbecue! As we order more coffee i’d tell you this is the evening i’ve been looking forward to all week. My friend Grace is quite simply awesome. We met on my first project with Kith & Kids over a year ago and I love meeting up with her. She’s one of those people full of life that brightens up any room and I love her laugh. She’s hilarious. Oh and she has her own vegan foodie blog called Aubergenes 🙂

I had a fantastic evening catching up with her and her friends with some delicious food and cocktails. It was a great end to what has been a busy week at work and in the kitchen. I’d tell you Lizzie and I went to see The Jungle Book this evening – which was really good – and one of the things she said to me on the walk back was that I take on too much sometimes. I think that’s true. I know I have a problem saying ‘no’ and offering to do things when I should probably bite my tongue. I do feel run ragged at times.

How was your weekend? Have you been busy in the kitchen recently?


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