In my backyard

I came across this beautiful landscape photography blog while browsing the entries for this week’s Daily Post photo prompt: Weight(less). I’ve only made time to browse a few of the entries so far but the images of the Scottish countryside are simply stunning. Go take a look. I’ll still be here when you come back.

I would like to say that the landscapes stir up nostalgia and longing for my homeland but that’s not quite true. There is a longing, sure, as I would love to walk right into those photographs. However, nostalgia would be misplaced: I confess i’ve hardly spent any time at all in the Highlands.

Growing up in Edinburgh, my backyard was the local hills. My friends and I would regularly scramble all over Arthur’s Seat with it’s windswept summit and rocky crags, or ramble through the Hermitage of Braid and Blackford Hill.

In 2014, my brother and I trekked over the Pentland hills on a beautiful day in September. The views were stunning. More pictures on my Flickr account.

Holidays growing up were spent in Ireland or down south in the Lake District or at Butlins in Skegness. I know we had a ski trip in the Cairngorms at Aviemore when I was very little, but I suspect my memory of it is more made up the photographs i’ve seen and the stories i’ve been told.

Lizzie and I once took a coach trip up to Loch Ness – passing through Glen Coe and Inverness too – which was amazing. That said, i’ve seen more of Scotland’s natural beauty in the films and photographs of others than I have with my own eyes. Now that I live in London, the Highlands seem even further out of reach. Elusive, magical, historic.

What does your backyard have to offer? Do you make the time to pay a visit?

2 thoughts on “In my backyard

  1. Nicole Martin says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t make the time to visit anything enough!

    However, I’m working on that!

    Love the ‘voice’ in your writing. It’s sorrowful, or perhaps nostalgic and reflective is what I’m feeling-I’m not sure, but it’s addictive and it evokes emotion in me. The sign of a great writer. Have a lovely day, Cheers Nicole

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