Exactly what the title says: Ponkynarny! Ponkynarny!

What do you mean you’ve never heard of it? Ponkynarny!

Yes, as far as I know it’s a made up word.

I was browsing the past Daily Post prompts for inspiration tonight and came across this one for inventing a definition for the word Flangiprop! As soon as I read it I was reminded of the above.


My siblings and I made up the word in our youth. I honestly cannot recall when or where it came from but as soon as we started saying it we would end up in fits of giggles. I just have this image of my brother saying it in stitches of laughter.

As for meaning, well, I haven’t a clue. I must see if my brother or sister can remember. It seemed to be something along the lines of a mocking term – “you ponkynarny!” – or just a silly codeword that made us laugh. I suppose Ponky is close enough to pongy (as in smelly!) that to us kids it just sounded funny.

I probably haven’t even spelt it right. It could be Ponkinarny. Though if you Google Ponkynarny or Ponkinarny neither exist.. not as a word or image. Ha! Cower in defeat at my awesomeness Google. The former is close to Polarny, a town in Russia, so Google tries to appease me with pictures of snowy landscapes and shipyards. Sorry, no dice.

I’m sure there’s a perfectly silly picture to go with this perfectly silly word. It’s likely exactly the kind of thing Buddy the Elf would say so let’s go with that.

What do you think it means? What does Ponkynarny look like to you? Have you ever invented a word? You have, haven’t you, you Ponkynarny!

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