Oasis of Calm

I find myself seeking calm lately. A little place of silence and stillness. A feeling of irritation and frustration has crept up on me, but from where I can’t quite name. Maybe it’s the busy London lifestyle or the usual frictions of being around other people (FYI other people are AWESOME – just not always). Whatever it is, i’m feeling the need to clear my head a bit. We’ve just stepped off the plane from travelling which comes with its own stresses, but that adventure is for another post.

I discovered Elements by Ludovico Einaudi quite by accident: Spotify had a little homepage gimmick of ‘playing’ piano on one of the tracks, Night. I had fun trying different tempos and (when using the mouse) raising and lowering the volume. You can actually play it here and hear how it should sound in the video below.

I don’t often listen to classical music, though I have a soft spot for solo piano. Incidentally, learning the piano is on my bucket list. The album itself is a fusion of piano with electronica and percussion instruments creating an interesting, sometimes other-worldly, experience.

I love the slow build into a frenzy on ‘Whirling Winds’ which makes me think of autumn leaves, dancing along the ground, while ‘Logos’ has a Moroccan influence to my ears. The rousing title track, ‘Elements’, builds upon layers of percussion, while the collaboration with Daniel Hope on ‘Petricor’ has a deep, earthly sound. The tracks are the perfect complement when people watching or travelling, and it’s easy to let your mind wander and ‘see’ the inspiration for the melodies in nature.

What do you think of what you’ve heard? What music calms you?

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