Women of Rock 2009

As part of Pinktober, aka Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we went to see the Women of Rock concert at the Royal Albert Hall last Sunday. It was organised by the Hard Rock Cafe and Gloria Hunniford to raise money for the Caron Keating Foundation, in memory of her daughter, who sadly lost her fight with the disease in 2004.

The concert was amazing. There were performances from household names such as Melanie C, Joss Stone and Sharon Corr amongst others, as well as classic stars like Bonnie Tyler. Despite being quite ignorant when it comes to music, I was pleased to find I knew most of the songs, even if I didn’t know all the words;-)

I think all the performances were really heartfelt and enthused with energy. I was blown away by the singing voice of Tulisa from N-Dubz, performing solo for the first time. I’m not really into rap so they’re not my kind of band, but her solo vocals were amazing. Nerina Pallot and her songs ‘Everybody’s Gone to War’ and ‘Sophia’ also really caught me by surprise. I’d heard them over the summer when I was working for dad but I don’t have a great memory when it comes to artists so I let them pass me by. I got them on iTunes a couple of days ago and subtitled them for Fallingstar. The video for ‘Everybody’s Gone to War’ is brilliant. Another act worth mentioning are Escala who were fantastic on their futuristic looking violins. Oh and we had Brian May, the lead guitarist from Queen, to ramp up the tempo too;-)

It was the kind of event where it didn’t really matter if you don’t normally listen to these artists, it was a brilliant spectacle and you couldn’t help but have a good time. It was bittersweet too since the evening was punctuated with tributes to Caron Keating, and at one point Gloria Hunniford asked members of the audience to stand up if they’d experienced a cancer-related death in the family. I got a lump in my throat seeing the numbers of people that were standing up beside me.

It was all for a good cause though and rather than focussing on the negative, the atmosphere was electric and really stirred up positive feelings. Pinktober will come round again (and the pink background, oh yes!) and hopefully there’ll be more events like this to go to. If you made it along, I hope you enjoyed it=)

“Women of Rock 2009 – Mel C – Main” copyright Royal Albert Hall, republished under Fair Use (Criticism & Commentary)

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