Make a difference in 3 clicks… has been shortlisted for a National Lottery Award. For those who haven’t paid this site a visit before, they provide listings of the latest subtitled and audio described cinema showings around the UK, as well as subtitled trailers, and several links to articles concerning accessible cinema (Their Site Map is a good place to start to get your bearings).

Voting for them in this contest is a great opportunity to highlight the interest in accessible cinema and encourage more investment in this area. You can vote by going to the National Lottery page here, clicking on the Best Arts Project category and then on where you can read a bit more about what they do and cast your vote. A direct link to’s entry on the shortlist is here.

Voting closes at midday on the 10th July 2009.

While you’re at it, I highly recommend you subscribe to’s email updates, even if you don’t require subtitles or audio description, since turning up to these showings will help cinemas realise how much of a demand there is for this service.

Please do take a moment out of your day to have a look around.

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