2D Action Game: Red Dawn

I finally finished my coursework resit last week: the Director game i’ve been working on (on and off) for the past four months.

Red Dawn is a little 2d action game from a 3/4 perspective set during the Cold War (oh how original..!). The game sees you investigating the shooting down of a US spy plane over Soviet territory. Gameplay takes the form of shooting/avoiding enemy soldiers, collecting weapon pickups and completing several objectives that I won’t mention here. Note that the game has nothing to do with the 1984 film of the same name, that was pure coincidence and I haven’t seen the film.
The game isn’t perfect – some of the character animations can be a bit slow at times amongst other things – but i’m fairly happy with what I’ve achieved. I was working on it right up until deadline day this time around too, not really appreciating how long it would take me to shape up all my comments in the code. I think my development report suffered because of this (after 30+ hours straight of computer work, it’s easy to see why), but I’m hoping the game itself will do well enough on its own – I only need 30% to pass.
It doesn’t have the replayability of Habboi’s Spencer The Spinnin’ Spider, or the atmospheric art style of Crowbarska’s Luminesca (Well worth the wait!!). It’s worth noting too that back in May (when it was originally due), my game wasn’t really a game as such – just lots of moving squares and basic collision detection – so I’ve had a long time to put it right (and indulge my weakness for feature-creep=S).

Some more screenshots:

trains entrance base

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