The brief: write a sonnet (14 lines) using your own words and lines from other texts. It doesn’t have to rhyme or use iambic pentameter. (The following is in Shakespearian style – abab cdcd efef gg – but without iambic pentameter)


‘Mince and tatties’ and mushy peas
Crossed words by the green baize
Old pictures that I’ll always see
Memories of you on summer days
Winter night sing songs by fire’s side
Your rich baritone held fast a crowd
A creeping suffering you did bravely hide
There’s nobody singing to me now
Cold hospital bed, at each side family lined
Heaven only seems a step away
To preserve your memory, I stubbornly declined
In the Giant’s garden we no longer play
Summers since, never the same
Heaven’s glad you came


‘Old pictures that I’ll always see’ – ‘Yesterdays’ by Guns N’ Roses
‘There’s nobody singing to me now’ – ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ by The Verve
‘Heaven only seems a step away’ – ‘You Give Me Something’ by Jamiroquai
‘Heaven’s glad you came’ – ‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You’ by Michael Jackson

2 thoughts on “Sonnet

  1. Liz says:

    This is good 🙂 And a fitting tribute. I was feeling sad the other day remembering Pete but all we can do is try to remember the good times and the positive things xx


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