Pandora’s Star – Peter F Hamilton

I’ve just finished reading Peter F. Hamilton’s ‘Pandora’s Star’. It was really good. Definately my kind of thing – sci-fi -and very detailed. The writer takes three quarters of the book just building up the characters and the politcal situation before getting to the event described in the blurb – the star system mysteriously imprisoned by a forcefield and the consequences of the investigation (hence the name ‘Pandora’s Star’ – clever huh?lol).

Well after following the adventures of Ozzie, Orion and Tochee as they travel the Silfen paths…the bumbling astronomer Dudley Bose…Adam Elvin the idealistic socialist terrorist…his nemesis Chief Investigator Paula Myo…Justine Burnelli and her romance with the savage Kazimir McFoster of the Guardians of Selfhood…Captain Wilson Kime and his encounter with the Primes..and of course MorningLightMountain…after all that (and did I mention rejuvenation allows humans to live for centuries? and memory stores allow you to come back from the dead?) …yes, after all that and about ten pages from the end I realise Peter isn’t going to complete the story in this book – oh well!

The second chapter is Judas Unchained which I think might refer to the Starflyer – the so-called evil alien that the clans on Far Away are fighting to protect humanity from. The name Judas implies a traitor which to be honest could be anyone – and things are all over the place at the end of the first book with nuclear war in full swing. So exciting eh?lol

Catch you later…

One thought on “Pandora’s Star – Peter F Hamilton

  1. The book sounds good – very epic! I know, some people buy certain gadgets/laptops/ipods etc because they think it’s ‘cool’. Not to mention the fact that they often move onto the next newest thing once something gets ‘old’ in terms of fashion or style. I mean, its all very well having a Macbook pro but like you said, a lot of people just use it for dvds and not necessarily because they use it all the time with all the potential it might have.I think, especially in terms of clothes, what is the current ‘fashion’ is not necessarily cool or interesting. I think it takes guts for people to find their own style and stand out from the crowd – rather than copying everyone, lol.Anyway, I’ve gone off the track a bit! I think I’ve thought of a new post to write, lol 🙂


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