Street Scene in Bryce 3D

I’ve started work on a project in Bryce.

I’ve made various things with the program before but nothing that I would call a finished piece. Alot of the time I think I show things off before they’re finished and then don’t finish them, but this time I’m going to keep a journal of my progress (I’m going to put it in this post) so I’ll be prompted to keep it going. Also, I’ve accepted that this project will take awhile (The little that i’ve come up with so far has taken a good 3-4 hours!) so I can’t expect to post the finished piece by tomorrow.

Anyway, I had the idea of building a street scene, nothing fancy, just a street in a little seaside village/small town. I’m still undecided as to how complete it should be – do I want to finish off everything or just have one camera angle and therefore only focus on what will be ‘seen’? So far i’m going with what will be seen, the rest can be brushed up later.

I’m still playing with textures (I got free textures from so they are just an example and still need work (The pavement, road and roof tiles definately). I might also redo the Bar sign in Photoshop as it’s not as dark as I expected it to be.

I also have plans to add a newspaper A-frame stand, a lampost or two, photoshop some telegraph wires, finish the inside of the bar in wood and marble, make the building beside it into a little shop, and add street signs.

Also, the sky and sunlight etc is all at the default settings as I haven’t touched it yet – so try to ignore the shadows on the road etc and obviously this isn’t the finished camera angle (as you can see the edges of the scene), but it will be from this direction. Anyway, I have to be patient and not rush this like I normally do!

Enough chatter, here are my screenshots at different times during production, it’s nothing special but i’m pleased with the progress so far. C&C welcome=)
StreetInProgress TestingTex RoofingTest.0

One thought on “Street Scene in Bryce 3D

  1. Something I have just realised – by bevelling the bar sign lettering in photoshop instead of have actual 3D letters, it looks like a flat image from this angle. I’ll need to look into using a bump map to correct this.


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