3D Modelling Efforts

Exhibit A. above. What’s wrong with it? Well, you can’t see it in this pic but the nice border round the top isn’t nice at all. It’s stretched and at the time I didn’t figure out why so i’ve left it as is.


Exhibit B. Okay this one isn’t actually too bad. It’s unfinished obviously and I need to make a texture map for it – that was a roadblock I hit at the time as 3DMapper wasn’t free for awhile – but it’s fairly close to my original idea. Yes, I actually drew a design before I started this one.


Exhibit C. Again, i’m semi-happy with this one. I like that I managed to get a nice smooth shape and, given my limited exposure to rendering, I actually managed to make it look a bit like porcelain. It did seem to have lines on it though and i’m not sure why. I don’t know alot about rendering yet as I was focusing more on modelling techniques so i’ve probably done something wrong. A simple object for anyone else i’m sure, but I’m a slow learner.


Exhibit D. Ha! Another very simple object but it didn’t turn out too bad. I spent alot of time getting the shape of the links correct – I’d just learned about creating piping by following some tutorials – and it turned out I wasn’t able to show it off because it’s so small. Trust me, it did look like shiny metal..honest. The texturing is a bit hit and miss. I grabbed a royalty free wood texture off the web and splashed it all over the thing. it looks okay but I know it’s not. Never mind.

One thought on “3D Modelling Efforts

  1. Hey! Well..your efforts seem good to me, I’m no expert and although I’m afraid of getting into gaming and stuff (mainly thru fear of failure =P), I’m sure I’ll try something someday and actually not feel too impatient about it. Anyway, there’s still loads of time to do what you want to do and I’m sure there will be a course somewhere that lets you do your stuff 😀 Imagination is always important, not just for 3D stuff, I think maybe you could get back to basics and start drawing again? It could help! xxx


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