It’s been a long time coming but i’ve finally decided to overhaul my blog. I’ve been using the awesome Headway theme design tool for awhile
now, but I haven’t really used it to create anything i’m happy with.
My previous designs for the blog always ran out of steam when it came to creating a header, but since I entered a rushed entry in the December 2011 Background Blitz competition I knew I wanted something similar for the blog. It suits the title – that of a stray dog wandering in the wilderness – and is abstract enough to suit whatever direction I choose to take the blog in.

I’ve spent the weekend redesigning the blog to do just that: to focus on those areas I want to write about more. I’ll keep the blog section, but i’ve archived all but my review posts for the time being. I’m still going through the old posts, pulling out any I think are worthwhile, but on the whole i’m starting afresh. On the reviews side, i’ve got a couple of old ones, but nothing special. This is an area I want to focus on more, especially AGS game reviews.

I’ve written some essays and stories at university that i’m quite proud of, so I wanted to give it a dedicated section. On the projects front, i’ll have to settle for showing my old stuff for now as the stuff i’m working on is still in its early stages. I also want to create a bursting-at-the-seams Links section. I have lots of interests and there are lots of lovely people out there being wonderful as usual that I want to put up on a pedastal here. Watch this space.

I mocked up the redesign in Pixelmator first before recreating it in Headway’s drag and drop editor so I had a good idea of the colour scheme and layout I wanted. Gone are the dark tones from previous themes i’ve used as I feel these weighed the blog down. The design is intended to be more fresh with room to breathe. I’ve gone for a minimal design, using typography to create structure rather than boxes and lines everywhere. I haven’t focused on the inner pages – single posts, comments and 404 page – so there may be some funky happenings going on back there, but it’s a start.

I know the header looks a bit rough around the edges. Actually, the original BB entry turned out the same so I think this is due to Pixelmator’s handling of different shades? Still, i’ve left it as is because I think it looks a bit retro, in-keeping with my love of point-and-click adventure games. I may revisit it later, but for now it pulls the blog together I feel.

Hope you like.

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  1. Looks beautiful!

    Can’t wait to see how the blog evolves…



  2. This background is fitting very well in here!
    I can imagine that dog barking at the wrong tree (^▽^)
    The blog’s design is really lovely – hope to read more soon!



  3. Ah you’re too kind, thanks=D



  4. Hey dude how come you don’t update your blog that much? :) Oh wait I’m just as guilty.



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