A box to call home

In the long, drawn out embarrassment that is my attempt to finish a custom WordPress theme, one thing I keep coming back to is my choice of categories.

Up until now, and for the foreseeable future, this blog has been somewhat of a catch-all for all my interests – games, technology, software, the internet, robotics, sci-fi, fantasy, reading, writing, animation, 3D modelling -, the list goes on and on. An unfortunate side effect of this rabble, is the lack of a directed focus overall.

Now, I have to admit that the lack of focus has been mostly intentional. When I first started this blog on Blogger back in 2005 – and *shiver* the stuff back there is particularly horrid – a major concern was that I wouldn’t have enough to say on any one topic. At the time I was still crazy about Cowboy Bebop (and I still am), but despite a reference in the title, the blog never became a fansite. Instead, i’ve just blogged about anything and everything that took my fancy.

I still intend to keep doing that since, as with much of my life, i’m a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. I wouldn’t feel particularly qualified to write a whole blog on any particular subject, but more importantly I just don’t have the enthusiasm to. I have so many varied interests that it wouldn’t be much fun to ignore some of them in favour of a consistent theme. So instead we’re left with this mishmash of crap.

I don’t mind that. I really don’t. Since I don’t believe in a revisionist history, i’m happy to leave things as they are, hoping that people will understand that some of my early posts are very naive and clearly immature. I’ve grown beyond all that. This blog is a testament to my journey as an individual.

Having said all that, I realise that it probably doesn’t make my blog very accessible to the outsider. Also, I find myself wanting to take the blog in new directions now, that simply isn’t going to cut it with the existing categories. Even now, if you look to the right, you’ll see there’s over a hundred posts lumped in ‘Ramblings’. Does that mean I haven’t said much on the other topics at all? No, but unfortunately I tend to ramble in my posts – what? you hadn’t noticed?! – so they tend to cover many categories. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it means that people have to read through a lot to find the one little mention of the topic they’re interested in.

So, after reading an old post of Lorelle’s, one I’ve read may times before, today i’ve been going back and tagging all my posts to help me get a clearer understanding of what topics i’ve talked about the most. I’ve never used tags so it’s a bit of a pain, but it’s quite telling. Working backwards from the beginning, I can see that ‘videogames’ is clearly the biggest topic, while ‘films’, ‘reviews’ and ‘writing’ are not too far behind. I expect this will change as I get closer to the present day, but it’s encouraging since these are exactly the areas I want to write about now.

Going forward, my intention is to create top level categories for ‘games reviews’ and ‘film reviews’, since I find myself wanting to write more review type posts these days, particularly on Indie games and games made by the AGS community. That said, I don’t want this to become just a review blog (although I do want to build up a lot of content in this area), so i’m having a good think about the other categories. My choices at the moment are just too generic to be useful. In future, i’ll try to be more focused in my posts too.

I also want to create a projects page for all the on-going little things i’m dabbling with. There are sometimes long periods of inactivity on the blog when in reality i’ve been doing coursework or learning a new piece of software. My newest interest is Adventure Game Studio, and it would be good to have a place to put up all my future creations, as well as some of my older stuff from other programs. This would also be where I can put up my writing.

Finally, I really do want to add a Cowboy Bebop section. I’ve had it mapped out for a few months and i’ve even drafted some of the content, but until I finish the new theme, I don’t see the sense in putting it up. There are a lot of fantastic CB fansites out there already, and i’d like to be able to link to them from here. In fact, i’ve got so many good links in all my areas of interest, that they really need their own Links section. There’s just too many for the main blog sidebar.

I’m still settling in to my ‘new’ computer, so progress on all my projects (including the WP theme) has been slow. But things are moving forward now, and I hope I can implement some of my ideas very soon.