The Mac Returns

I mentioned in the last post that my Mac died on me. Well it was a slow and painful death. Oh how I wept!

Okay – bit of an exaggeration – but suffice to say I discovered my hard drive was on its way out when my latest backup failed due to an ‘invalid root node’ error. Cue much cursing and biting of nails as I tried in vain to fix it before discovering it was a hardware problem after all.

Luckily my cover doesn’t run out until next month, so I sent the Mac off for repair. That was over three weeks ago and I got my Mac back yesterday afternoon. Now fitted out with a brand new hard drive and the shiny new coat of a “Snow Leopard” (Mac OS X 10.6), everything’s the way it should be.

Well, almost. Since all my files are still on a bootable external hard drive running Mac OS 10.4 “Tiger”, it’s moving day all over again. But it’s always nice to have a clean slate. Plus, i’m now in my element messing around with all the ‘new’ changes in Snow Leopard. I like Snow Leopard overall, though i’m not convinced by the new 3D dock.

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  1. Meh I don’t know why you don’t just switch to the dark side. XD



  2. What, and reformat my hard disk x number of times a year? Now who do I know that had to do that?;-)



  3. Don’t remind me. I was tempted to do it this week cause of a naughty Trojan that caused me grief. The reason was because it cloned itself and that means the old Safe Boot crap but it takes up the whole day scanning XD

    I think it’s gone now but can never be sure since it pops up whenever it likes.

    Anyway I replied to your twitter message but it keeps overloading so:

    “Thanks but the portfolio isn’t 100% complete yet. I haven’t got a resume and my professional stuff needs to be unlinkable and greyed out.”

    I suppose you heard Martin got a job interview? Makes me hopeful :D



  4. Ah sounds like a nightmare all right!

    Yeah, got your Twitter message 3 times, lol.

    Nope, hadn’t heard that! Good stuff=)



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