“We want war, wake up!”…

…Apparently. Although it still sounds like “Vive La France”…*something German*… to me (I know, I know, of course it doesn’t, but that’s what I hear!). If you’re a bit lost, allow me to elaborate: Thanks to the almighty connectedness that is Twitter, i’ve been gifted with the knowledge that EA are allowing you to download the first three Command and Conquer real-time strategy games for FREE. I absolutely loved Command and Conquer in my youth, so this is news worth celebrating.

The post title is a line from the Hell March songs from the Red Alert series of Command and Conquer games (there’s been 3 Hell March songs). There’s been a whole debate on what the guy says in the early part of the song (Everything from “Eat my pants” to various obscenities). It sounds and is presumed to be Russian since the games focus on their rise to power, (hence why it can’t be what it sounds like to me). However, in the Press > FAQ section of his website, the original composer is quoted as saying it’s the line above.

I first heard the Hell March 2 song in Red Alert 2, my favourite of the series. However, typical of the way I’ve dipped in and out of franchises over the years, I haven’t actually played all of the games. I’ve got the original Command and Conquer on PC and PSX, and Red Alert 2 and Tiberian Sun on PC. I played them in that order though so Tiberian Sun didn’t get much attention since it felt like a step backwards graphically (Which it was, since it came before RA2!). So this is my chance to try the original Red Alert and also give Tiberian Sun a proper playtest, and maybe see if I can install the expansion “Firestorm” with my cd version. I’ve briefly played C&C Generals at a friends and liked it a lot but never added it, or it’s expansion, to my collection. I completely stayed away from C&C Renegade because I didn’t see the point of another FPS, and I haven’t tried Tiberium Wars at all. I *had* the new Red Alert 3 game in the summer, still sealed in it’s metal case, but being the generous/idiotic soul I am I gave it away in another gamer’s time of need.


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  1. Sorry,but its actually “die waffen legt an” its a german phrase means “bring rifles to fighting position”



  2. That would make sense..and wow, this is an old post!



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